ECommBX is a platform where partners and clients can transact on an inter-banking level and hold e-accounts globally in local and multiple currencies.

ECommBX, operates on an innovative model of gathering the best of the global banking industry, creating customised connections within those banks and adding currencies based upon the market demand, while getting the best price for the highest quality, stringent security and speed. The company's banking partner network is tailored to facilitate Fintech companies demanding speed, control, security and artificial Intelligence interactive platforms. The company developed its business model based on the evolution of e-merchant accounts and Fintech companies who want to create master accounts for complex business models and global reach.

ECommBX is creating a marketplace where every member benefits from being part of the community, by offering its merchants the capability to send and receive e-money on a global scale while operating e-accounts and cross-banking transfers for their business needs international transfers in multiple currencies, via a secure plus compliant cloud-based environment.