Aleksej Gubarev

Aleksej Gubarev has run and invested in dozens of IT companies before setting-up Haxus. His major strengths include business-model scaling and global expansion, strategic acquisitions, and talent identification.

Haxus is a funded venture acceleration firm led by serial entrepreneurs and focused on artificial intelligence startups at the seed or even pre-seed stage. Haxus is very hands-on in supporting investees with strategy, financial reporting, legal matters, HR needs, communications and more. Registered in Cyprus, Haxus is ready to back visionary AI initiatives wherever they emerge around the globe.

Haxus provides seed (and sometimes pre-seed) capital plus very strong business support to tech startup teams with the potential to succeed on a large international scale.

The portfolio of Haxus includes such success stories as AI Matter (acquired by Google), MSQRD (acquired by Facebook), Flo app with more than 1 million users and other.