Marfa Shishkina

Wise Wolves Payments
Marfa has been working in major banks on corporate finance and risk management positions for more than 12 years. Throughout her career she implemented and documented customer relations, assessment and decision-making, financial accounting and reporting processes, and saw to completion such projects as "Automation of corporate loan workflow in a trade bank", "Designing of a unified limit infrastructure", "Loan workflow quality improvement" among others. All her projects were based around the implementation of information technologies as tools for achieving greater optimization. Marfa joined WISE WOLVES GROUP in February 2018 to helm the "Process Management" project, and in September 2018 already started working on a new challenge – the development of the Payment Services line. Working on this project, Marfa secured the Cyprus National Bank license and helped launch the company's operating activities. Nowadays, WWPayments is successfully entering the payment service market of Cyprus and the whole Europe. Marfa has been awarded the «Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO)» certificate.