Claire Philpott

Senior Business Consultant
Claire Philpott started her career as a press and public relations specialist in the UK, moving into software development on her 1995 arrival in Cyprus. As a technical writer she adapted her marketing and communication skills to the human-technology interface of software development, such as user education, business analysis, work process flows, policies and procedures. A focus on public relations and software development has allowed Claire to take an eclectic journey through industries and businesses, and she has worked on projects for the Bank of England Registrars Department, British Airways and M&S. She has worked on an equally wide variety of software products covering card issuing, merchant acquiring, payment authorization, billing, stock control and warehousing, CRM, ERP, CMS and Social Networking. Claire delivered speeches on the topic of achieving good data management at the 3rd International Compliance Forum, October 2017, and the Data Management and Protection Forum, February 2018.