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The forum is attended by businessmen, but they are not just busy men in suits. The majority of our participants are people who live and work on the island, and who you might run into in a nearby cafe or fitness centre. They are people who strive to make the community better and want to discuss their ideas. This helps create a healthy, friendly atmosphere without undue ceremony.

Cyprus IT Forum is a venue for communication between the IT crowd, investors and government officials. It’s the place to find information on how to relocate your business to Cyprus and discuss any and all IT affairs with like-minded people.

The attendees will be able to meet representatives of ministries in charge and regulators, known business people, CEOs and investors who chose to settle down in Cyprus. Attend the forum and become a part of the island’s IT community.

Nikita Daniels

Organiser of Cyprus IT Forum
How is it at Cyprus IT Forum?
Cyprus has been a key European jurisdiction for Russian businesses since the 1990s. In 2010s it started becoming popular among Russian IT companies too. The reasons remain the same: low taxes, common law and predictable government. Since 2016, more than 200 IT companies from Russia and CIS have branched or outright moved on the island. The “old” and the “new” Cyprus need each other, but remain largely separate for now. With Cyprus IT Forum we want to help bridge the two worlds.

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